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Bloomberg is now charging $24,000 a year for a single terminal subscription. The closely held company doesn’t publicize its prices, which are the most expensive among financial data providers. Bloomberg is famously averse to discounting, and only offers one level of subscription with access to all data. For years now, the Bloomberg Terminal has built a reputation for its fast and accurate delivery of unparalleled market information across multiple asset classes.


While the Bloomberg terminal is still considered by many to be the gold standard of terminals, there are many alternatives on the market at different price points. When deciding whether or not the Bloomberg terminal is worth it, you will have to consider your personal needs, wants, and budget. The Bloomberg Terminal has been around since 1981 and continues to lead as the gold standard as a trading tool and source of data and financial news. The Bloomberg keyboard has traditionally been heavier and sturdier than standard keyboards with 3mm key travel and 19mm key pitch; it also comes with built-in speakers for multimedia features. The SEA100 version has a built-in, 500 PPI, 0.26 sq inch biometric sensor for user login verification. The current Starboard version is 1.08 kg and uses flatter, chiclet-style keys which are quieter and have less key travel than Freeboard and prior.

Refinitiv Eikon Cost was first established on September 29, 1993, as a financial portal with information on markets, foreign money conversion, news and events, and Bloomberg Terminal subscriptions. The largest competitor to the Bloomberg terminal is Thomson Reuters, which started offering its Reuters 3000 Xtra electronic trading platform in 1999, which was changed by the Eikon platform in 2010. In 2018, Thomson Reuters accomplished a deal with the private fairness firm Blackstone, selling a fifty five% stake in the company for roughly $17 billion in gross money proceeds. Like most professional market data providers, Bloomberg passes through all exchange fees to their clients.

The Best Bloomberg Terminal Alternatives for 2023 – Investopedia

The Best Bloomberg Terminal Alternatives for 2023.

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In addition to the invaluable chat function, Bloomberg built workflows for each profession. So if you’re a private equity guy or an oil trader, Bloomberg has a custom workflow built for you. So a competitor called Symphony came in, which is kind of like Slack for financial institutions.

The flexibility of Capital IQ’s pricing model coincides with the wide range of features offered to customers, unlike many of its competitors that provide strict pricing. For businesses which rely a lot on data, high-quality data is critical to their success. Data which is consistent and robust can have an important impact on the bottom line of your business. That’s the reason why Bloomberg Terminal seeks to help businesses overcome many data challenges by optimizing the data supply chain. One of the only things I dislike about Bloomberg Terminal is having to use a fingerprint to login – every time. Whether I’m logging in with Bloomberg Anywhere on my Macbook or using my PC at my desk, a fingerprint is required to open the terminal.

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The rivalry between bloomberg terminal cost in india and its competitors continues, as competitive pressure from smaller firms that offer financial data and analysis at a much lower price point. The proliferation of big data, analytics, and machine learning look to cut into Bloomberg’s stranglehold on the financial data space. Provides real-time pricing, market data, and derived data for exchange-traded call and put options for a selected underlying security in a customizable screen. Today, Bloomberg LP is not only known for the Bloomberg Terminal but has become a global multimedia entity as well. The financial news and media company includes Bloomberg News, weekly magazine Bloomberg Businessweek, as well as radio and television broadcasts.

Currently, the hardware aspect of the terminal is only a series of accessories. Some of those accessories are a custom keyboard with special keys, a fingerprint scanner, and a dual-screen display. In 1990, the Bloomberg keyboard was released with a trackball and built-in voice-chat features. 24 years old Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher Charlie from Cold Lake, has several hobbies and interests including music-keyboard, forex, investment, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and butterfly watching. Is quite excited in particular about touring Durham Castle and Cathedral. Bloomberg was founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981 as a expertise provider of financial analytics and knowledge.

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This Beginner’s Guide to Bloomberg tutorial will introduce you to one of the industry’s most widely used sources for real-time financial information. This guide is aimed at new Bloomberg users, and will provide an overview of how to use a Bloomberg terminal. If you are a more experienced user, or if after reading this guide you want to go into more detail on Bloomberg’s capabilities, please be on the lookout for the Advanced Guide to Bloomberg. Bloomberg terminals are one of the main product offerings from Bloomberg L.P. They are one of the most heavily used and highly regarded professional investment systems to be created for the financial marketplace. Institutional investors are the typical customers of this product since the relatively high ongoing cost makes it unfeasible for individual investors with relatively small amounts of capital to purchase. Because of their relatively high cost, Bloomberg terminals are typically used by large institutional investors, portfolio managers, and financial analysts.

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With the FactSet platform, users are able to stay on top of market trends, monitor portfolio risk and performance, and even execute trades. Most large financial firms have subscriptions to Bloomberg Professional Services. Many exchanges charge their own additional fees for access to real time price feeds across the terminal. The Bloomberg Terminal, also known as Bloomberg Professional Services, is a software program system designed particularly for trading desks and financial markets. Users can place trades and monitor actual-time monetary market information. The Bloomberg Terminal is geared toward massive, institutional investors, and facilitates communication, information, and trades between establishments.


This means if you want real-time data from the NYSE, CME, OPRA, or any other exchange, you’ll be billed the full cost in addition to the $1,900 per month. If you have an international portfolio, and you want quotes on stocks, options, and futures in London an China, market data fees rapidly add up. When searching for publicly traded equity shares, Bloomberg allows users to search by name, exchange, country, and other such topics. This menu also allows users to search for indexes such as theS&P 500or Russell 2000.

Best Bloomberg Terminal Alternatives

That’s cool and all, but remember that their employer is paying for their subscription. Don’t get caught comparing your comparatively “cheap” trading platform to theirs. The important thing is to have a research or execution system that gets the job done for your specific trading style. Many of us might see our friends in investment banking upload an Instagram or Snapchat photo of their Patek Philippe watch with their Terminal conveniently displayed in the backdrop. To non-institutional traders and investors, the allure of the Bloomberg Terminal is strong.

Create customized lists of loans, government and corporate bonds, structured notes, municipal bonds, and preferred securities from the Bloomberg database. Shows all major rates, securities, and economic releases for a selected country. An initial public offering refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance. Web 2.0 describes the current state of the internet, which has more user-generated content and end-user functionality than its earlier incarnation.

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Many companies depend on the terminal to assess individual securities, market actions, and monitor news simultaneously. An extension, Bloomberg Tradebook, allows formal trade execution via its messaging service. Traders, portfolio managers, and danger administration analysts, amongst other monetary professionals, rely on the program for every day market analysis and buying and selling decisions. Core Terminal is the original Bloomberg system; typically consisting of four windows, or Panels, each Panel contains a separate instance of the terminal command line. This use of multiple screens with user-demanded, specific pieces of differing data—across all relevant markets—allows the user to view diverse and countless volumes of information in real-time.

There are also composite FIGIs that may be used to represent unique across related exchanges, although unique FIGIs would be used to identify common stock on an individual exchange. The FIGI structure is defined and copyrighted by the Object Management Group. Unique FIGIs are published by Bloomberg L.P. It’s a competitor to the CUSIP.

The instruments included within the Bloomberg terminal are widely utilized by portfolio managers, promote-aspect finance professionals, and buy-aspect analysts. A Bloomberg terminal is a computer system that allows investors to access the Bloomberg data service, which provides real-time global financial data, news feeds, and messages. Investors can also use the Bloomberg terminal’s trading system to facilitate the placement of financial transactions, such as stock and options trades.

  • A detailed option list related to Vodafone UK stock will pop up, the person can then choose different options by pressing related keys or using the mouse to select the option.
  • One of Bloomberg’s key income earners is the Bloomberg Terminal, which is an built-in platform that streams together worth knowledge, financials, news, and trading data to more than 300,000 prospects worldwide.
  • It subsequently built off its success by implementing Bloomberg News, a global monetary information supplier.
  • Some have even portrayed the technology as a threat to Bloomberg terminal’s dominance in trading rooms, although others say that is premature.

The goal was to create a reliable alternative to the high-priced professional platforms on the market. Koyfin offers its customers a clear and easy-to-use interface with advanced graphing, customizable dashboards, access to comprehensive financial analysis, and a macro dashboard for keeping an eye on all of the markets. We chose Koyfin as the best free terminal because it is a reliable alternative to high-cost terminals. With access to high-quality data, a user-friendly platform, and top trending financial news, it’s an excellent option for those who aren’t ready or able to invest thousands of dollars.

Bloomberg Terminal Review – Is it Worth $2k a Month?

Bloomberg employs more than 2,700 news professionals in 120 countries, and offers clients access to research from more than 1,500 sources. The onset of the digital revolution cultivated new ways to access information, leading to cutting-edge information platforms in Bloomberg and Reuters. And Reuters are now seen by many as the fastest and most credible digital information sources in the financial industry, providing data and financial news to hundreds of thousands of investors and traders globally. Any company worth its salt has at least a couple of Bloomberg Terminals in its offices.

But you may be able to discover a terminal at a public or university library. On August thirteen, 2019, Bloomberg acquired RegTek.Solutions in a transfer to broaden its suite of regulatory reporting and data administration companies. Is a privately held monetary, software, knowledge, and media company headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

The fingerprint scanner on the keyboard usually works on the first try, but the scanner on the B-Unit often takes several tries. Bloomberg breaks down complex topics ranging from the US heroin epidemic to China’s World Bank in easy, straightforward guides. It’s like an encyclopedia on steroids for the topics you want/need to know about.

Acquired RTS Realtime Systems, a world supplier of low-latency connectivity and trading help services. In fact, if you’re a professional buy-side or sell-side trader, it’s often necessary solely to communicate with other broker-dealers and Terminal users through the chat function. A Bloomberg terminal allows direct access to Bloomberg’s data service which includes real-time financial data, analyst estimates, messaging, and trading capabilities. SWAPS are a type of derivative used by large banks and institutional investors. The Bloomberg Terminal has a SWAP manager tool that is a highly customizable swap pricing utility. It allows users to input the parameters of a swap agreement and come up with an estimate for the value of that swap, at any given date in time.